Collaborative Approaches to Getting Back to School

#ComeBackCASchools is a campaign designed by CCEE to spotlight local educational agencies’ (LEAs) collaborative approaches to getting California’s students back to school. It focuses on sharing tools, resources, and practices to leverage partnerships and facilitate dialogue among LEAs to support each other during the pandemic.

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Collaborative Approaches

Get information about how LEAs are collaborating to bring kids back to school safely.

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Share ComeBack Approaches

Do you have an LEA collaborative approach that has worked well? Share it with us.

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Social Media

Follow us on Twitter and (#ComeBackCASchools) for the latest news and updates on getting California kids back to school safely.

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K-12 Playbooks

Playbooks for planning a safe return to school that maximizes future equity outcomes and addresses the diverse needs of California’s students.

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#ComeBackCASchools Spotlight Resource

COVID-19 Updates and Public schools

On behalf of the Administration, CCEE will be hosted a statewide webinar, COVID-19 Updates and Public Schools: A Conversation with State Public Health Leaders.  To learn more about LEAs experiences with planning for and implementing small cohorts on school sites, please check out our LEA spotlights, please click.

Get the latest news, information and tools on getting kids back to school safely.


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California’s Pandemic Plan for Learning and Safe Schools

Released on 7/17/20, COVID-19 industry guidance for schools and school-based programs

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California Department of Public Health Letter: 8/25/20

COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Learning Elementary Education Waiver Process

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CCEE Hot Topics

CCEE Executive Director Tom Armelino discusses strategies for fostering an inclusive environment that elevates student voice and agency and allows them to contribute to their own learning in a virtual setting.

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Bring Students Back to School

Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, President of the California State Board of Education and Stanford University Professor, shares why its important to bring students back to school.

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Reopening Schools in the Context of COVID-19

Linda Darling Hammond and colleagues provide a comprehensive overview on approaches to restarting and reinventing school

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